Domain registrations

A domain name is an integral part of your identity on the Internet, so MCKAYCOM are pleased to be able to register domain names on behalf of our customers. Unlike some ISPs, we do not charge any fees for moving your domain away, and will not dig our heels in the sand should you wish to leave.

To register a domain through us then please place an order. If you wish to transfer a domain to us you should send us details of the domain and we will respond with details about how to complete the transfer. If you would like to register a type of domain that is not listed below then please email for a quote.


For .uk domain names (e.g., and we charge £10 for 2 years. Transfers of .uk names to us are free.


For generic domains (e.g. .com, .net, .org, .biz and .info) we charge £10 for 1 year, £50 for 5 years, £80 for 10 years. To transfer one of these domains to us you must pay for an additional year of registration at a cost of £10.