Virtual machines

If you need more flexibility and control for your hosting, or you want to run specialist services without the expense of colocation, then our virtual machines are perfect for you. Our virtual machines run on the Xen hypervisor, offering greater performance than alternatives such as UML.

Flexible virtual machine

Includes the following features:

  • 200MB of dedicated physical memory,
  • 1GB of swap,
  • 10GB of RAID-backed storage,
  • 50GB of data transfer per month,
  • Multiple IP addresses (when justified in accordance with RIPE recommendations),
  • Secondary MX and DNS services,
  • Management shell to reboot at any time,
  • Full root access,
  • Choice of the latest Debian or Ubuntu release pre-installed.

For just £150 per year (30 days notice is required for cancellation, and we will refund any outstanding balance). If you want more details on this service then please email us at or you can place an order.


The following addons are available for £50 per year each:

  • Extra 10GB storage,
  • Extra 20GB data transfer per month,
  • Extra 100MB of memory and an extra 500MB swap.